What We Do!

Queen City Korfball came to fruition to build out opportunities for Greater Cincinnati Youth to find consistent out of school time activities, to avail students a cooperative co-ed team sport experience not predicated on the final score, and to build travel opportunities with a focus on cultural exchange and service. This is all steeped in the hook of playing a new game—korfball!

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We are working with several Cincinnati Public School after school programs, youth-serving nonprofits, and Cincinnati Recreation Commission sites to build out these opportunities for area youth ages 9-18. We aim to bring students together to play with a special emphasis on Fridays and Saturdays where fewer programs are available. Queen City Korfball intends to teach the game while also supporting holistic skill-building for students to be empowered on and off the korfball court. Social-emotional skill building is a focal point in each practice.

Korfball for all ages!

School breaks will be used for trips across the country where students will serve as sport ambassadors teaching other youth the sport of korfball, meeting US National Team members and playing, and partaking in cultural immersion experiences. With the sport being popular overseas, there are opportunities down the line where students could earn a passport with Queen City Korfball and even travel to Europe!

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Here are a few additional benefits of playing with Queen City Korfball!

*You Get a Workout In!

*Stronger Forged Connection with Teammates

*Knowledge of a New Sport

*Cooperative Play 

*Boys & Girls Working Together

*Bolstered Communication Skills, Self-Awareness, and Critical Thinking

*Ability to Connect with Korfball Communities Around the World

*Potential for Tournament Participation