Our Roots

A korfball banner with a korfball being shot into a korfball goal with the word "korfball" underneath.
Credit: Anna Bergbauer

Queen City Korfball is led by Kyle Reiser. Kyle is a licensed social worker and community organizer in Cincinnati. Kyle first discovered korfball while trying to figure out how he could become an Olympic Athlete while watching youtube videos during the pandemic. After a deep dive into lesser known sports, Kyle discovered korfball! He quickly bought a ball, told all his friends, and arranged the family vacation around the lone American tournament at the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama! He was hooked! Kyle is proud to be a member of the US National Team and is eager to share korfball with any and everybody. 

Kyle and Family taking in a korfball match at the World Games in 2022!

Queen City Korfball is the confluence of Kyle’s many observations of students’ needs while working in a variety of local youth-serving settings. The ability to play and have fun, be part of a team, have safe spaces and programming where there are often none, and to see opportunities far and wide through cultural immersion and social-emotional awareness is Queen City Korfball’s recipe for success!