Mission, Vision, & Values

Black and white Queen City Korfball logo with a korfball and the words "Queen City Korfball" encircling the ball.
Three white circles next to one another. The far left reads "Mission" with a target and an arrow illustrated in the circle. The middle circle reads "vision" with an a drawing of an eye. The third circle reads "value" and has a drawing of a diamond.
Credit: VectorUp


Queen City Korfball is a sports-based youth development organization utilizing the co-ed sport of korfball to generate transformational impact for Greater Cincinnati area youth through free korfball training, skill-building, and cross-cultural connections. 


Queen City Korfball will equip youth to become ambassadors of the life-long game of korfball and empower them in their own personal journeys beyond the court. 

Black and white Queen City Korfball logo


Queen City Korfball values the individual uniqueness of all of our players. Our diverse experiences, backgrounds, and identities help enrich our organization for everyone!

We value fair play and inclusivity. We value respect for the game, one’s self, and each other!

We value the responsibility of serving as an ambassador for the sport, our city, and our organization. In doing so, we aim to give back and invite others in!

We value having fun, creating a family-atmosphere, and being honest with each other!

Queen City Korfball is a proud member of the United States Korfball Federation!